Content Marketing: Navigating Changing Tides in a Digital World

Remember print ads? How about commercials? In the ever-evolving digital age, the mediums that have defined “marketing” are becoming antiquated. Consumers have become savvier, but more importantly, they can choose to fast forward or throw away your ad. What is required now is a craftier approach, a little slyness, if you will. Enter content marketing. Read more about Content Marketing: Navigating Changing Tides in a Digital World[…]

The Power of Words

As a copywriter, we’re always on the hunt to “spice” up the words that we write. We are constantly faced with this eternal struggle of “active” vs. “passive”. It struck me recently just how truly amazing words can be. Even the slightest variation of a meaning, can unlock an entirely separate message. I guess that’s Read more about The Power of Words[…]

Finding Your Voice (By Studying Others)

What separates copywriters from those who can’t? Anyone can construct a sentence; we do it all the time. Almost everything that we say is a sentence (minus the odd noise or grunt). The Copywriter’s Way As a copywriter, it’s our job to engage the audience. The trick is to take even the most boring sentence Read more about Finding Your Voice (By Studying Others)[…]