About Gregg Sugimura

email copywriter Gregg Sugimura

My name is Gregg Sugimura and I’m an email copywriter.

For almost a decade, I worked in technology. I’ve destroyed hard drives (it’s pretty fun), helped design and code websites, and even made a failed attempt at viral video fame.

The problem was…

I felt like these companies didn’t want to succeed. They didn’t try to better themselves and were more than happy to play it safe. They accepted mediocrity.

And that’s not me…

I’ve got the independent spirit and creative capacity to think outside the box.

I’m also willing to use my broad and specific types of humor to get that message across. (Ask me and I’ll share some samples of my cold emails discussing my love for bad reality dating shows and my self-deprecating admission that I suck at online dating).

So why be an email copywriter?

I’ve spent a lot of time helping companies who didn’t want to succeed.

Now, that’s what I want to do.

I want to work with companies who are willing to take creative risks and think innovatively because that’s what technology is based on… innovation.

Admittedly, too, I have expensive hobbies. When I’m not crafting emails or knee-deep in lead lists, I’m a guitar player, photographer, and casual video gamer.

So, if you’re looking for a copywriter who puts as much passion into your projects as I do ripping solos, contact me and find out more.