The Power of Words

As a copywriter, we’re always on the hunt to “spice” up the words that we write. We are constantly faced with this eternal struggle of “active” vs. “passive”.

It struck me recently just how truly amazing words can be. Even the slightest variation of a meaning, can unlock an entirely separate message.

I guess that’s why we do this, isn’t it?

“A” vs. “The”

This existential daydream began when I thought about this one.

“I went to the park” vs. “I went to a park”, for example.

Two very similar sentences, one simple word different.

The first one denotes exclusivity, with a context of “I had many parks I could have gone to, but you, dear reader, KNOW which park that I went to.” The second sentence, denotes, “I had many parks I could have gone to, I just picked one at random.”

There’s so much hidden power in “the”.

Made You “Look”

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Open a thesaurus and you will see dozens of different words to substitute for “look”. However, the truly interesting thing is to look at how they change what is said.

Gaze- Brings a sense of wonderment, amazement, “I’m going to look, and whatever I see is going to be something amazing and regal.”

View- Gives a sense of perspective. “I’m going to take a step back and survey the situation and report to you, my findings.”

It’s only words. However, copywriters make a living by boiling concepts and words down to their simplest form and rebuilding them to create the most potent message possible. It’s our goal to pierce the armor of doubt and make the reader see the truth in our words.

But then again, I’m just verbose!

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