Finding Your Voice (By Studying Others)

What separates copywriters from those who can’t?

Anyone can construct a sentence; we do it all the time. Almost everything that we say is a sentence (minus the odd noise or grunt).

The Copywriter’s Way

As a copywriter, it’s our job to engage the audience. The trick is to take even the most boring sentence and transform it into the greatest thing since sliced bread.

This is a never-ending process.

For even the most experienced copywriter, there’s always room for improvement. For those that are just starting out or looking to evolve their craft, this is a good place to start.

Study the Masters

Have you ever seen someone whose job it is to promote something? Maybe one of those infomercial hosts you see at two in the morning.

Or maybe a skilled orator or promoter, someone who just makes you stop dead in your tracks and listen to every word. Someone who could do something so mundane like reading the phone book aloud, but you feel compelled to sit and listen to it from Aaron to Zedmore.

Study these people.

The Hidden Key

A trick that I picked up very early in my copywriting career is to simply listen and absorb.

Listen to these orators, these promoters. Listen to how they talk, what inflections they have, what their word choices are, and figure out WHY you stop and listen to them.

Learn to mimic that. Absorb their mannerisms and voice, and then channel it in your writing.

Really need to sell something? (Read this like an infomercial host)

“Well, I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s been in development for the last 10 years and it has finally arrived. Now, before we go giving this out to the public, we’re going to offer it to a select few…right here, right now. This revolutionary new system is guaranteed to change the way that you look at cleaning forever!”

Paint a Picture and Appeal to Patriotism and Nostalgia (Read this like a political candidate)

“Take a walk around Bellflower. You see a middle-class working city with one foot firmly entrenched in its history and one foot always itching to take that next step towards its inevitably blossoming future. This blueprint of hard work is almost tangible on every street. Houses built upon the desire and drive to create a better life for future generations. It’s only fair that this opportunity be extended to every single person from around the world brave enough to enter a foreign world in hopes of one day being able to reflect back on a lifetime of accomplishments that started at the Bellflower Courthouse.”

The more voices you add, the better. It will allow you to adapt to every situation that arises. It’s also pretty fun to step outside of yourself for a minute. My personal favorite part is when you look back at something you wrote and think, “Who wrote that?!”

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