It’s Still Real to Me

I’m a wrestling fan.

However, before you go screaming, “It’s fake!”…I know.

This past weekend, I was reminded of why I’m a fan and what it has meant to me my entire life.

Wrestlemania XXXI descended into San Jose, CA at Levi Stadium and 70,000+ fans were screaming their heads off.

However, it goes much deeper for me than that. Numerous independent promotions around the country also run in the same general area that same weekend, giving true fans a generous taste of what alternatives are out there as opposed to the WWE.

After driving six hours to San Jose, we went to our first show of the weekend. WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, was running a show. It was awesome to see the future of the profession, many of whom I had seen working local independent shows in community centers and armories.

The next day, SIX hours of wrestling for various promotions and watching what could be considered TRUE wrestling. It was also the opportunity to see many people whom I have become fans of in the past few years.

Sunday was the big day. We sat in the heat for hours, as our nosebleed section was the last to get the shade as the sun set.

It was all worth it.

The pageantry, the showmanship, and the reminder of what made me fall in love with wrestling 26 years ago. Those moments where you suspend belief and it becomes real to you. Where you see your life flash before your eyes and things that you never imagined you would see…you saw.

I’ll admit, it made me emotional.

I sat and pondered the whole experience. I thought back onto all the good memories that I had because of wrestling. I thought back onto the friendships that I established. They were the people I was sitting next to. I thought of the hours of conversations I had about the ins and outs of the sport, how it had helped shape my beliefs and given me childhood heroes whom to this day, the very sight of regress me to uncontrolled giggles and starry-eyed moments.

It made me proud.

Do you have any lifelong passions or hobbies that have affected your life in ways that you never imagined possible? Is it is as silly as professional wrestling?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

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