All’s Well that Ends Well

As cliché as that might sound, it’s true.

Recently, my friends and I took a trip up to San Jose for four days. I took it upon myself to handle our lodging accommodations.

I always like to take calculated risks. It allows you to attack a problem head-on with gusto, knowing that you will have a guaranteed backup, should something go wrong.

This time was no exception.

The Challenge

Three months in advance, I booked us a hotel room at a very reasonable price. A nice place with two king-size beds, a foldout sofa, and enough floor space for an air mattress or two. Then, we decided to take a gamble and get an AirBnB. For a slightly higher price, we could get a whole apartment to ourselves and six guys wouldn’t have to be in each others’ space all day long.

As the check-in date drew closer and closer, we still had not heard from the host regarding our stay. This is when panic began to set in.

The Solution

Luckily, we had up until the day prior to check-in to cancel the hotel room, so I knew I had a backup. After contacting AirBnB customer service, they informed me that I would have to wait 24 hours so that they could contact the host and if they didn’t hear back, they would go ahead and cancel the booking. They also encouraged me to find other lodgings, just in case.

As the 24-hour deadline passed, AirBnB customer service still had not heard from the host and canceled. This freed me up to begin to look for another room. At worst, we would be sharing a hotel executive suite, at best; we could find a nice condo to spend our days in. After researching and receiving a generous credit towards a new booking, I was able to find a place for us to stay.

The Result

We ended up finding a brand new condo located on Santana Row in San Jose. Situated above high-end shops, including Tesla, Lulu Lemon, and Gucci, this condo screamed “luxury” with hardwood floors, rainfall showerheads, and a large balcony. Shopping was within distance, as was many places to eat and drink (and a Starbucks). I was able to cancel the room on time AND get a bedroom all to myself for my efforts.