June 10, 2016

Creative Copy that Converts

Technology can be difficult for some to comprehend.

Some still yearn for the days of simplicity where a pushpin was how you posted something, and some thirst for the knowledge to increase their download speeds without causing buffering to their streaming media.

Your business needs a copywriter who specializes in creating content that helps you gain a distinct advantage over your competitors. Someone equally adept at understanding and interpreting technical specifications AND engaging the casual customer who just wants to write an email to their friend across the world.

I have spent nearly a decade working within the technology world, getting up close and personal with the inner workings of hard drives, routers, and gigabit switches. This gives me the authority to craft well thought out content perfect for use amongst industry insiders.

On the other side of the coin, I’ve created blogs for industry giants who needed to reach out to a broader audience, one who doesn’t care about circuits, conduits, or LEDs. My goal as a copywriter is to promote my clients brands for whatever their purposes may be.

You may have created the next big thing, so let me tell the world about it.